Mom’s colors are made with pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion. They consist of the highest possible pigment content giving you brighter colors that fly right in with an amazing flow rate. Mom’s ink is Vegan friendly & made in the USA! 

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Technical Tattoo Supply is your number one source for top quality, affordable tattoo and piercing supplies since 1998! 

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Mom’s Ink by Millennium Colors Inc. is rated the top ink worldwide
among professional tattoo artists.

Tried and true, Mom’s Ink is manufactured by Technical Tattoo Supply in the good old USA! Consistency is one of the main factors when using a tattoo ink product. The consistency that the Mom’s brand delivers is extraordinary. Mom’s Ink has come a long way. From just a few colors back in the early 90s to over 120 shades today, including the Mom’s Nuclear Colors (the worlds best, safest, and brightest black light sensitive inks). Research into the very secretive world of ink pigment manufacturing reveals that Mom’s Ink is checked, double checked, and triple checked for color consistency, flow rate, and pigment life. On top of our expansive color line, we’ve added Mom’s Black Pearl Outlining & Shading inks, as well the Mom’s Shading Series, which includes four tones of pre-mixed greywash! We’ve even developed a brand of ink specifically for cover up tattoos. Mom’s Ink exceeds its reputation and continues to grow in the tattoo industry. We started way back in 1998 & we’ve always been Vegan Friendly! We take pride in knowing we only use top quality ingredients in our inks. The Mom’s brand doesn’t stop at just great tattoo ink. Mom’s also manufactures CBD aftercare liquid, color enhancer, pre-mixed green soap, medical and safety supplies & more! We currently host an amazing team of award winning sponsored artists who represent the Mom’s Ink brand all over the world! We look forward to seeing what Mom’s brings to the tattoo community in the years to come.

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“Very Best Ink ”

I love the consistency and how well it lays, the colors are Vibrant. This is a high quality ink that will last for years and years.
– Barely Legal Tattoo , April 4, 2014

“I just received a package today with my replacement ink and a very nice surprise. I’d like to say thank you very much and it’s nice to see some companies still have amazing customer service. I’ll use Mom’s forever now just because of the customer service. Once again thank you very much. Bruce – your new loyal and very satisfied customer.” – Bruce Pollock 2017

Black Pearl Outlining Ink

“Nice Consistency Great Bold Color…Goes into the skin nice & easy. Also good as a base for making greywashes. Mom’s Tattoo Inks pack a punch. They are loaded with pigment. Note if you are having problems with whites, yellows or greens, Mom’s is loaded with pigment.”

Bill Kearney, November 3, 2013
MOM’S SK12 Kit

“Ink came in great condition. All bottles were still tightly sealed. Caps even have a twist close drip tip. Very satisfied with colors as well.”

Jessica, October 31, 2016

Black Onyx

“I love this ink, it’s thin and perfect for a fast hand when tattooing. This ink is extraordinarily dark and rich in pigment. Great for making your own washes and mixing straight in the tube. I used to use Intenze ink, but switched over to Moms Millennium because I like it better. Great product.”

Jeffrey Ferrie, September 3, 2015

I love this ink!

“New favorite for me. Every tattoo artist has their own preference and style of getting the ink in, but for my style, this ink is amazing! Not too thick or too thin, the white is really thick compared to StarBrite, but it comes out really vibrant. I especially love how the greens blend easily together (Forrest Gump and Ectoplasmic Green). I have a new go to ink brand for strong, vibrant tattoos now, Millennium Mom’s takes gold for me, but like I said, every artist needs something to suit their style, but for the price, you would be doing yourself a service to give these a shot!”

Meagan, October 15, 2015
Absolutely Vibrant

“This ink is a great consistency, holds well, and stays absolutely vibrant! I have only recently started tattooing, but the professionals I am friends with highly recommend this ink. It is moderately priced, the names of the colors open a door for some great conversations, and it is just a great product. I highly recommend this for those starting out as well as professional artists.”

JayCee, December 22, 2016

MOM’S Colors

“Best ink around. There are a lot of inks on the market. I have tried them all or at least the sterile ones. This by far is the best. You get what you pay for. It is safe for my clients and I use this ink for my own tattoos. Great vibrant colors with a wide selection to choose from. Check out all their colors.”

Keith, December 22, 2016
I’m so happy with these inks

“I only buy moms color so vibrant and it has all the in between colors you could want!”

Michael Ball, March 11, 2017
Stays Bright for Years

“Millenium Mom’s Ink is very good. I was very satisfied how it was packed and delivered fast. The ink is worth spending money because it takes to the skin well and stays bright for years it is the only tattoo Ink that I will buy. please stay away from the cheap Chinese ink.”

Johnny, June 17, 2016
Only ink I will use when tattooing

“It is great and affordable. Never broken out or had any reactions from anyone. Got it as a birthday present one year and can’t get enough! These are beautiful colors and it was all there of course.”

Tatted Love, May 5, 2015
Very Best Ink

“I love the consistency and how well it lays, the colors are Vibrant. This is a high quality ink that will last for years and years.”

Barely Legal Tattoo, April 4, 2014
Best ink ever, hands down!
Casey, March 9, 2016

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